Calvin’s loc journey

I met Calvin initially as a haircut client. He used to get a South of France cut. He eventually wanted locs after he got married, getting them approximately one month after. We started off with a full head of locs but soon he wants the sides taken off and faded. So far he has had his locs about four months.

Happy Friday!

Ten things you can do to make this weekend better:

1. Every hour think of one thing to be grateful for.

2. Find sometime to center yourself and breathe deeply.

3. Find a festival to go to, even if alone!

4. Sing one of your favorite songs …in the car lol.

5. Cheer up an older relative by letting them know you are thinking of them.

6. Listen to a motivational speech on YouTube three times this weekend.

7. Clean up!

8. Exercise!

9. Walk on the beach.

10. Make a point to journal your entire weekend one day at a time.

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Client selfie

I love seeing my clients in their everyday life rocking natural hair! My client has had her little Sisterlocks about five years. About a year ago we cut them into layers and it has grown out. She is doing some island vacationing and wanted an updo so that’s what we did…she loves it!

Loc Start: Small Locs vs Large Locs

Smaller locs are more pliable. If you have thinner hair smaller locs would most likely be the best route. Smaller locs can be easier to style depending on stylist preference. Smaller parts means that you can section the hair in smaller sections to achieve a greater variety of style. It is also easier to interlock smaller locks. Smaller locs are easier to set on rollers as well. Larger locs = fuller locs. They take less time to start as well as retighten. Styles can vary with larger locs as well and they longer they get the fuller the style looks. Most lock jewelry is created for medium-large locs. Loc petals look fuller with larger locs.

It is important to determine the size of the lock you want because this is a permanent style. If you want your locks smaller, and they have already locked – there is a way to do this. If you want your locks larger and they are locked there is a way to accomplish this as well. Both of these techniques take a longer time period so it’s best to decide what size you want early on.