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Sexy natural mohawk
Sexy natural mohawk

Most women who go natural claim to have no preparation in advance. Sew-in’s, braids and other transitional styles have given women a break from the “new growth” police. In fact, transitional styles, worn at least 6-8 months, promise women with enough natural new growth to create a style that compliments them. When letting your hair rest in a protective style, remember these key things:

1. Don’t let buildup of scalp debris become an issue. Buildup equals odor. Dry Shampoo is your friend, HerbaCleanse by ORS is my suggestion for buildup.

2. Take biotin supplements. This grows your hair to its thickest capacity and even gives you great skin and thick nails. Be sure to take this supplement for at least three months for the best results.

3. Invest in a good edge cream that supports the edges of your hair. Transitional styles can pull your edges, be sure to provide care for them by not applying too much weight. Transitions is a good edge cream that helps with hair growth as well.

4. Oil your hair with a liquid oil at least once weekly.