Paperwork…Get u some!

Should natural hair stylists be required to attend cosmetology school?
People that ask me that question usually get the answer themselves when I ask this question.
So exactly what is hair made of?
When it comes down to certification, I am a cheerleader for it. WORTH IS MEASURED by your standards. QUALITY IS measured by knowledge. Skill and knowledge can have two separate definitions. You can have skill at styling but no knowledge as to why that style is thinning your clients hair.
But when it comes to value – before your clients appreciate anything else they will respect a certification.
Cosmetology school teaches you the basics – but they are basic NECESSITIES. Hair is hair …natural or not. Just as any other profession–it’s levels to it!
There is no shortcut solution when it comes to it–you must be trained to deal with any hair situation that comes your way no matter what type of stylist you are. Feeling that you have enough experience without schooling is like saying you only expect one type of client to come your way.
It’s like saying you could be a doctor, or astronaut, or surgeon…just by doing a little review.

talkin’ bout Good and Bad Hair

Good Hair – a cultural term to exaggerate genetic classification to appear connected to a Caucasian or Indian race
But why?
Because we were taught the easier our hair runs through a comb the more acceptable it is.
Ideally, it would be better to associate with the positive traits of a person’s DNA. What I mean when I say this is appreciate what God has given you. If your hair is curly and not straight that is NOT a BAD thing.  With no additional products TIGHT CURLY HAIR STANDS TO THE VERY EDGES. The cyclical composition of this is a very beautiful thing. So how is this NOT A good thing?  Good hair is healthy hair, claiming that you have another race’s hair is not good-so it is NOT good hair! Love your hair –embrace your yourself entirely…but do NOT ESTEEM the texture of your hair over another persons simply because it looks like it’s from another race of people! It screams self hatred to those that know better. A LOT of people know BETTER. So it is NOT A GOOD LOOK!



What is your undertone? Undertone is a subdued tone of sound or color according to There are three known skin undertones which are warm, cool and neutral. These undertones also apply to hair color. Cool undertones are light pink or blue in nature. Warm tones are golden, peachy and soft red. You can come to a conclusion of what your undertone is by looking at the veins in your wrist. Blue and purple veins indicate a cool undertone while green or olive colors indicate warm undertones. Amazing!! Warm undertones are complimented by red and golden colors.  Shades that lack or reveal very little red hues are usually best with cool tones.  And if you feel you want a color that isn’t indicated for your undertone why not try and do a little of both or maybe highlights of the contrasting color. Colors that stand out are absolutely the TEA if you are the daring type that can handle attention. Color also is an expression of change, it interrupts a repetitious pattern and adds eye stimulating variety.