Workplace Politics

Is there competition in every workplace? Yes, don’t even think about quitting your job to avoid it in the next because in workplace politics the potential is always there, and its’ benefits can tempt just about anyone. Competition will reveal itself in many forms and for many reasons, but mainly they are personal and not usually a credit to a particular clique – to be more specific everyone has a selfish agenda and they use catalysts like a group if the group is privileged, sometime to reach their goal. This is just my opinion though, but I have been in two contrasted demographic areas and noticed the same things happening just painted different colors. You never know who is going to be who and do what. People change. One thing is for certain, all the roles that are played are needed – for different reasons. We all need each other, whether you decide that your connection will be a friendship or in an associate group. All are deserving of respect if you are coming together to make a business work. Professional respect is usually only when you have a business transaction to make . It can be tricky: people can be manipulative, you may not feel up to fighting a battle, the person may be influenced by someone else, and people change. So what do you do when you are new to a workplace? I say understand that everyone is playing a role, without judgement it’s best to figure out those roles before you entertain personal relationships with coworkers. But then again, sometime you just know who you will connect with, another thing is that you don’t want to appear stand offish. Like my mother always told me, “Trust God, not man”, this is what I will always do, because He always makes a way.

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