Men’s Haircut Definitions

As a barber, I hear so many clients attempt to describe a haircut but get the terms all wrong. Here is a brief description of some of the main terms used to express the type of clipper cut services you are looking for:

Caesar – (textured, tightly waved hair) hair is cut down on average to 1/8″ to 1/4″ to achieve appropriate wave length, hair is measured evenly all over and is finished with a lining or taper.

(Straight hair) -A modern day Caesar cuts begin with a fade and about 2-3 inches from the crown to the fringe which is cropped and slightly spiked.

Fade – A graduation of hair that start short at the hairline and increases in length as it is taken upwards.

Bald Fade (skin fade) begins bald and increases in hair length. You can get this fade done low, medium or high.

Low Fade – A fade that begins to transition at the occipital bone. This is most popular for wavy to tightly curled textures.

Mid Fade – a fade that begins transitioning about 1/2″-1″ above the apex of the ear.

High Fade – (eg.high top fade) A fade that begins transitioning about 1″- 1 1/2″ under the parietal ridge.

Burst Fade- a fade beginning with a round, circular fade around the temples and spreads into a Mohawk cut or South of France Cut.

Buzz Cut – (straight to wavy hair, called an all even for wavy-curly hair) a cut that is evenly cut through the entire head.

Razor – (feathered tip metal blade) a refining technique used to trim fine hairs for a completed look – used around the hairline and on the neck. Razor cutting is also used for longer textures in cuts to give a smoother, more natural finish.

Neck Shave – A finishing technique done with a razor blade to clean up hairs along the neckline.

Clean Up – done in between haircuts and includes a lining and neck shave.

Taper – a technique that is used around the temples and back of the hairline up to 1″ to create a small fade.

Gentleman’s Cut – (straight hair) a haircut with even, short sides done with scissors or clippers that progresses into longer hair from the crown to the fringe area.

Women’s Fade – a fade with a strong emphasis on a slight gradation (not a bald look), and soft lining.

Mohawk – an inverted haircut that usually begins with a low fade and leaves a vertical pattern that is noticeably longer in the middle.

South of France – a Mohawk with a wider neckline and circular taper.

Lining – a finishing technique that is done with trimmers to remove excess hair from the hairline and groom sideburns.

Enhancements – products used to darken thinner areas or create fullness. Hair fillers and color sprays are examples of enhancements.

Men’s Hair Unit – (also called cranial Hair prosthesis, toupee or man weave) a temporary hair piece that is used for men/women with pattern baldness and other hair loss issues to achieve a look that is cut low.

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