I think the way to getting the best results out of a hair growth regime is consistency. This is the quickest route there: THREE MONTHS OF CONSISTENCY. This should stick in your mind, even over the specific products used because it takes three months to REALLY see the fullness that is desired. Humans have on average 90,000 to 160,000 hairs on or head. The system of hair growth remains the same, but the last phase or terminal phase (shedding) can be going on at any time. The time period of the terminal phase is unpredictable. A hair program should have a routine that includes activating the follicle, and should awaken the dormant cells in the scalp that have become calloused. Scalp scrub by ORS is a good product to use inside this 3 month hair growth program.

After the activation phases you need something that will help retain hair growth and strengthen hair. The hair that initially comes out the scalp in thinning areas is baby hair or vellus hair. Over time as the follicle is getting proper blood supply hair gets stronger and thicker.

The stronger the hair grows in, the longer the retention phase. This is the stage that is the longest, so it determines the length of you hair. The longer you can keep your hair from becoming brittle while going through its natural shedding process, the better your results.

A lot of my clients use an oil to help strengthen their hairline. This is an organic oil that you can poured at Natural Hair Wonder Oil is an oil that helps to improve the pH of your scalp while feeding it with nutrients at the same time.

It’s best to take picture of the before and after results, and some pictures in between to be able to see the three month progress. The steps are very simple, the thing to remember is that it takes three months.

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