The dissipating of color or the lack thereof has always caught my eye. Why does the world seem to equate white with purity and purity alone. White is the lack of substance. This page is white before words were added to it, does that make the words dirty? Does that make the white impure now?

Black has the capacity to saturate everything. However according to various sites that overwhelm the first nine pages of Google “Black” is the absence of color. I could give you scientific reasons to make this false, but I won’t waste time with that. I will tell you how I found out it was a lie long before I had a good scientific understanding. I put three primary colors together: RED, BLUE and YELLOW. That equals black in proper proportion – simple as that.

It’s just like White Hot Chocolate, you’re trained to think that because it is “white” it is refined. But whatever was in that colored portion of the chocolate, created the flavor. Taking away the color of something does not make it better.

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