Coronavirus Precautions

Thank you for continuing to support Natural Hair Wonder during these times of concern. In order to effectively provide a sanitized environment for our stylist as well as patrons, we are implementing the following practices that must be practiced and allowed by all staff and others within the shop as politely requested:

  • There will be continuous cleaning, spraying and sanitizing of surrounding areas that are touched frequently such as doors, entries, cabinets, containers, etc.
  • It is requested that everyone wash their hands or wipe with sanitizing wipes when entering and leaving the shop.
  • Music will be played but verbal contact will be kept to a minimum.
  • We ask that only people that are receiving services occupy the waiting areas.
  • Chairs and capes will be sanitized before and after every client.
  • Air Disinfectant will be sprayed frequently.
  • Anyone (stylists, barbers and consumers) is asked to cancel/ reschedule appointments if you have any symptoms at this time of a cold, flu or Corona Virus.
  • Keep in mind that the best precautions are for everyone to stay 6 feet or more away from another, of course this is not possible for our industry, so please keep physical contact to a minimum.

Most importantly, let us all stay positive during this time of uncertainty. Even though we have to practice being safe, let us be reminded to support each other and be considerate while being observant.

Calvin’s loc journey

I met Calvin initially as a haircut client. He used to get a South of France cut. He eventually wanted locs after he got married, getting them approximately one month after. We started off with a full head of locs but soon he wants the sides taken off and faded. So far he has had his locs about four months.

Happy Friday!

Ten things you can do to make this weekend better:

1. Every hour think of one thing to be grateful for.

2. Find sometime to center yourself and breathe deeply.

3. Find a festival to go to, even if alone!

4. Sing one of your favorite songs …in the car lol.

5. Cheer up an older relative by letting them know you are thinking of them.

6. Listen to a motivational speech on YouTube three times this weekend.

7. Clean up!

8. Exercise!

9. Walk on the beach.

10. Make a point to journal your entire weekend one day at a time.

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Client selfie

I love seeing my clients in their everyday life rocking natural hair! My client has had her little Sisterlocks about five years. About a year ago we cut them into layers and it has grown out. She is doing some island vacationing and wanted an updo so that’s what we did…she loves it!